May 14, 2008

This morning we started the drive towards Seattle, expecting to camp somewhere in mid-Washington.  Unfortunately, very few to NO campgrounds are open at this time of year (you guessed it) because of the snow in the mid-Washington mountains.  We were feverishly calling camp grounds, stopping in hotel parking lots to gank free wifi…desperate to find a place to sleep.  Needless to say, we drove the full drive from Boise, ID to Seattle, WA.  No stop in between.


Once again, both the north-eastern portion of Oregon and Washington were beautiful with gently sloping mountainsides covered in blankets of bright green.  Sorry, no pictures to share, I was busy with a healthy combination of sleeping, reading and driving.


We managed to find a campsite just outside of Seattle. However, because of the rain-leaking tent situation, we decided to return our tent.   REI is based out of Seattle so we made the trip into the city to take advantage of their generous 100% satisfaction guarantee.  New tent!  Free!   Which we are actually laying in right now…getting ready to watch The Office on the campground wifi. 


Roughing it. Obviously.


Tomorrow…the city of Seattle.


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