May 11, 2008

this morning:

me:(wearing red pants, afraid of bears) “Do bears like red?”

huster:”Yes, very much so.”

me: (frown)

huster:”Don’t worry, Josh and I will run and hide in the woods and then retrieve your torso when the bear is gone.”


josh:”Yeah, we’ll give you a proper burial.”

huster:”No, she’ll live.  She just won’t have legs.”

me:”Well, Josh is the one who will have to live with a legless wife!  Ha.”


me:”What should I do if I see a bear.”

josh:”Just make yourself look big.”

huster:”Should I make noise?  Like “roarrrr”??

josh and amber: (hysterical laughter)


Two posts in one day.  We’re having unfortunate weather here in Grand Teton National Park.  This morning we set out hike and were informed that “pretty much all trails are impassible”(due to snow).  There was one road up Signal Mountain that was “plowed” but still closed and we attempted to hike up it.  Much of the road was covered in 1-2 feet of snow.  We continued on two or more miles until we decided it would be a long and painfully snowy/slushy walk back. 

Instead, we opted to slide, on our bottoms, down the side of the mountain (300 feet) to a road we saw below.  We ended up wet but it was worth it!  (both for time saved and for the fun)



Total we ended up walking/hiking roughly 6-7miles.  The weather this evening is turning worse.  As I type, the wind is swirling loudly.  We’re projected to get rain and up to 2 inches of snow. 

We’re in for a long, wet, cold night.


One Response to “”

  1. schmanda said

    Bear: gimme all yer food!

    (i’m hoping you don’t let josh near the cans of soup this time)

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