May 11, 2008

After a whirlwind week of meetings, moving and planning, we’ve finally set out on our roadtrip adventure.  Friday we left Denver and drove to Fort Collins, CO to stay the night with Josh’s friend, Rich. 

We arrived at night and left early in the morning so we didn’t see much of Fort Collins but Rich fed us well and provided good company.  Rich’s friend, Anna, came over to visit with us (and offer me a female camrade).  We walked to the local Dairy Queen and managed to find $20 along the way! Free ice cream for all!  We spent the evening telling funny stories and sharing lives.

Yesterday we made the drive from Colorado, through Wyoming and into Grand Teton National Park.  The drive was beautiful, sometimes snowy, a little cramped and adventuresome.  It gave us all a new appreciation for The Oregon Trail.

And, finally, last night we arrived at Grand Teton…in the snow.  And freezing temperatures!  The sunset from our camping spot (no water, showers or electricity) was amazing.

I wish I had time to post pictures, write more eloquently…Josh and Huster are ready to hit the trails.  For now you can find all picutures HERE.





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