May 9, 2008

We’re adjusting and busy with the details.  It’s difficult not to lose sight of the excitement in the shadow of planning.  Yesterday I had two hospital meetings/tours, perspective employment.  Today Josh registered for classes.  We still have no idea where we will live. 


(drive to Boulder, Josh registering for classes)

We’re surprised by the weather. Unfortunately, it has rained every day since we arrived.  Fortunately, it has also been sunny.  Often, simultaneously. 

We’re enjoying the community of staying with friends. 


(Huster cooking dinner, community)

Tomorrow we leave Denver and begin our official road trip with our first stop in Fort Collins, CO before heading to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. 

And finally, today we received more detail concerning our trip in June with Operation Mobilization to Costa Rica.  Here is a portion of the email:

“OK guys – got lots of news that I am sure will generate lots of questions.
 We just returned from a trip in Peru that saw 232 people give their life
to Christ!!!  I want to get you an idea of just how rough this Costa Rica trip may be
so the faint of heart can back out now.  The leaders there say think
Vietnam pictures and you’ve got it!

Our field leaders in CR are ecstatic and the plans are starting to come
together.  We will serve in the Coroma area to two people-groups: the
Cabecar and the Bribri.  We will be in the jungle in the rainy season
(hint – water!!).  It is a one to one and a half hour canoe ride to where
we are going first, and a 2 hour hike between sites in the middle of the
week.  We will have to stay in tents as there are no strutures and bathing
facilities are being worked out.  However you will minister to the most
needed and introduce Christ in a needed way.

One of our facilitators for the event is an ex-soccer star in Central
America, and he has orchestrated a lot of this.  We will go into San Jose
on Friday night and spend the night there.  The next day is the bus ride,
canoe trip, and camp set-up.  If we can see patients then, we will.
People will come from a day’s journey away, so we are working on ways to
feed them before they go home.  Most will spend the night there.  This
presents wonderful evangelistic opportunities.  We will do clinic Monday
and Tuesday.  Hike to a new site Wednesday and do clinic that day and
Thursday.  Friday is back to San Jose and a fun event like a volcano tour
or waterfall tour.  Back to the states on Saturday morning.”

One day at a time.


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