May 6, 2008

And the people have spoken: The drive through Kansas…8 hours of less than impressive-ness.  We did see some pretty substantial windmills.  No tornadoes in sight.


Josh drove the moving truck, pulling the Mercedes, all 20 hours of the trip.  He is impressive.  Huster and I split the time driving the Honda and keeping Josh awake.  With a max speed of 65mph, there was ample time to enjoy the scenery.  Save the one instance during which we (Josh) got the moving truck (and Mercedes) stuck (way stuck) in a Days Inn parking lot, we made it here without glitch. (A sweet, angel of an ex-truck driver man saved the day in the truck-stuck situation.  He also happened to work for the same organization Huster works for!)


(Huster and Josh enjoying truck stop tailgate gourmet lunch, Kissing Lincoln)


Last night we were welcomed into the home of our friends Jeremy and Joanna.  They have been gracious and hospitable beyond what we had words to ask.  Also, our friend Rich, a fellow recent transplant to Colorado, joined us to make it one large reunion sleep-over.


Today we moved all of our belongings into a magnificently small storage unit.  Magically.  Ate thai food.  Napped.  Visit the larges REI in Denver (Josh can now die happy).  Saw a rainbow.  Ate homemade pizza. 

Sighed.  In.  Relief.

today tastes lovely.


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  1. schmanda said

    so glad to see and read your life. we have internet now, yay! cant wait to hear more and to have the chance to update you on the saga unfolding here due to the hostel comandant from hell. stupid Russia. ugh.

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