May 4, 2008

(hour 9…driving across Missouri)

me:”Oh, I hope our hotel tonight has a pool!”

josh:”Yeah, and a hot tub!…did you pack our swimsuits?”

me:(blank stare)”You are in luck, I packed EVERYTHING WE OWN.”

We made it to Kansas! Half way there.


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  1. Jen said

    so, this is probably too late, and I’m not sure which places you plan on visiting… but the hostels I liked in Costa Rica are…

    Hostel Bekuo- in San Jose, Nice Neighborhood
    (I stayed there 5ish weeks. I was there when I wasn’t traveling on the weekends.)

    Pension Santa Elena- Santa Elena/Monteverde
    (It was really cute inside, and the staff was SOOO helpful. There is a good Mediterranean / Vegetarian restaurant a little walk outside of town. It’s called Moon Shiva. and there is a Tree House restaurant in town)

    If you want to see the Volcan Arenal, it’s best to NOT stay in La Fortuna.
    There is an “observatory” that my friends enjoyed, but I stayed in a town called El Castillo and was just as pleased with the views.

    I just realized that I think I’ve already offered Costa Rican travel advice to you, and it was decided that you were going where I hadn’t. but just in case. and here are my 2 photo albums from my trip.

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