May 3, 2008

Friday, in the midst of organizing and packing, we took a break to have a “goodbye date” with Selah.


And then today…THE DAY.  Moving day.  We were overwhelmed with the kindness and help of family and friends.

Rainy moving day.  Our first moving truck, we discovered, leaked. Streams and lakes of water inside the truck.  We had most large pieces of furniture moved into the (leaky)truck before the executive decision that “this will not work” was make.   We called the company, requested a new truck to be delivered, waited around and then swapped furniture between trucks.

(Josh, Don and Mattlevi eating donuts: the fuel of furniture moving)


(Making new truck decision, waiting for new truck)


Today we also completed the adoption process with our dear friend, Sue, and her family.  They have graciously welcomed Moches into their home.  Josh and I were sad to leave her behind, relieved to know she will be well cared-for.


Our temporary travel companion, Huster, arrived today from Orlando, Florida today to help us pack and make the move to Colorado with us tomorrow (he’ll also travel the Pacific Northwest with us for the next 3 weeks). 


(Huster enjoying a Guinness, sitting upon piles and piles of our belongings in the truck.  Huster sitting on back of truck)

(Josh loading Mercedes on car carrier.)

Tonight we are exhausted.  We have all of our physical belongings packed into a moving truck, ready to travel across the country. We leave in the morning.  We crave your prayers.


4 Responses to “”

  1. Ma'ma said

    I love you both , enjoy and be very careful. Ma’ma

  2. schmanda said

    we’re moved in! i’d tell you how long it took us in total to load up the truck, drive to the new place, AND unload…..but i think i’d just be bragging. =) hope all went well with your drive and arrival. can’t wait to hear more. pics of our new place to come…once we get internet. i feel like you guys today…mooching free internet! love you guys lots.

  3. eric voigt said

    where are the pics of me and zoey?? i can’t wait to hear about your long and winding road to CO…

  4. Amber said

    Eric…your pictures can be found here:

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