April 30, 2008

We’re STILL packing up our apartment.  Currently it looks a lot like this:

And is causing my right upper eyelid to twitch.  And giving me a rash.  It is chaos and I’m trying my best to embrace it all.   Painfully.

My beautiful friend, Sandi, sacrificed a morning (kid-free!) to come and help me pack our bedroom.  This is a vulnerable and humbling experience that can only be endured by the most kind of friends.  The mystery of what-lurks-under-the-bed is an adventure unto itself and having an experienced and no-nonsense packer here to push me on towards bedroom-packing success was priceless!

Our dear friends Ham and Carli gifted us with the book The Well Organized Camper.  It is perfect for the occasion and full of useful tips on surviving life in the wilderness.  Only more organized than you would do it.  Lists, guides, advice and other general camping information that tends to raise Josh’s pulse.

We’re also in the midst of applying for jobs in Colorado, setting up interviews, arranging camp sites throughout the Pacific Northwest, reserving some hostels for our free time in Costa Rica and…breathing deeply to remind ourselves that in three or so days, the only things we will have to keep track will be packed neatly into a small 4-door car.   Backpacks, a few days worth of clothing, good books.  A camera.

Tonight we had our last house church.  We’ve been blessed to have such a supportive group of people to pray for us and cheer us on.  These are the people who make it difficult to leave and start over.  I’ve threatened to pack them all in the Uhaul and decorate our new home with them. 


We’re learning a lot about interdependence.  How to give.  And then receive. 




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