April 26, 2008

Josh’s LAST day of work (and subsequently as an Air Force officer) was this week!!


(from left to right: Josh’s last day in uniform!, Josh celebrating his last day in uniform, Josh with all of the thoughtful gifts his coworkers gave him)

There are a few notable things about this day: we are now both willingly unemployed and today Josh begins the era in his life titled “how long can I go without shaving and getting a hair cut”.  We’ll be sure to share progression picutures (both of our venturesome life of unemployment and of Josh’s declining grooming standards).

So far unemployment has been heavy with planning and plotting.  I’ve been packing our Dayton life into boxes and labeling accordingly.  Josh has been making biodiesel and spending much time nerding(see attached picture). 


(left to right: biodiesel, nerding)

Last night Leslie and I sat on the porch with warm tea.  The weekend nightlife hummed in the backgroud and the sky was clear enough to know that there were stars.  Up there.  Just beyond.  It was the first time in recent days I longed for the wilderness, wide open skies, quiet nights of sleeping outdoors.  And space. Being close enough to nature to realize how far you’ve been previously.



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