April 22, 2008

Tonight we had a web/phone conference “predeparture” session for our trip to Cuzco, Peru with United Planet. 

With Josh’s work in the Air Force he reportedly participates in many teleconferences (aka “telecons”).  I like to tease him about this.  Sometimes during the work day I’ll call him on the phone to pester him and then dramatically rush to get off the phone, acting busy and important, and say “I gotta run, I have telecons and briefings to do!  I need to brief the general!”   He loves it when I do this.  Especially when he has actual work to get done.  Work that actually pays our bills.  🙂

Anyway, tonight was my first real “telecon”.  It was a pretty neat set-up.  They had probably 8-10 volunteers on a conference call and linked up on the internet to go through a powerpoint and answer questions about our upcoming trips. 

We’re getting more and more excited about our time there in Peru. Josh and I will actually be living with a family and FORCED to use our Spanish.  I’ll be working as a nurse in a local clinic just outside of town and Josh will help run an after school program for street children! 

Ok, more boxes to pack…



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