April 21, 2008

Right about now this site will lean slightly more toward an informative/communication tool.  We’re less than 2 weeks from our move and we’ve promised to keep you all updated on our travels, thoughts, life and adventures.  (refer to “itinerary” tab at top for more detail) 

Althought this phase is not so much adventurous as it is tedious. 

So expect less of whatever-Amber-has-time-and-energy-to-write and more of us (both!) sharing where and how we are. (this will be more interesting for some of you… not so much for others.  sorry.  and your welcome.)  We’re going to continue to use my personal blog as our travel blog for a few reasons.  All of which revolve around my laziness and stress level. 

This weekend Josh’s oldest brother, Ryan, and his family came up from Kentucky to visit with us before we move west.  We’re both so thankful for their encouragement and support.  And for an excuse to make pizza and play Risk.  Hi Ryan, Jen, Matthew and Jacob!!

We also began the monumental task of packing our belongings to be put into storage. In Denver.  Josh said it right this week, “Moving alone is a headache. But we’re ambitious. How about 3 months of homelessness, joblessness and international travel right into the middle of a cross-country move!”  We’re on board! And we’re all about learning from our mistakes.

Mistake #1. We began our box-packing ventures with our book shelves.  As noted before on this site, Josh and I don’t own a television.   Instead, we both love to read and are self-confessed, avid book-hoarders.  The decisions to be made concerning which books to keep/sell, which to  keep out/pack away is an emotional one.  I quickly realized that books are our comfort-objects.  There’s something very reassuring about having a good book at hand.  For us, it’s having several good books at hand.  We have nearly 3,000 miles of travel ahead which lends itself to many hours of reading.  And this is exciting!  Except that we’re limited to backpacks and tents and airport weight limits.  So we slowly, and sadly sifted through our collection.  We packed.  Sold.  And piled.  In the end, this is all that remained:

Our reading supplies (minus one or two).  (note Josh’s teeth mold to left of books.  no further explanation.)

Mistake #2.  We have to pack while my much more organized, much more clean, much more sane mother is in China.  I am here disorganized, messy and insane.  Although my great friend, Sandi, has been an incredible wealth of knowledge concerning packing tips.  She’s also keeping me accountable to a packing schedule.  Necessary.

Mistake #3.  We are packing during Ohio’s spring peak of blooming, sunshine and overall blue skies.  I was much more motivated to hit the road during dreary winter blahhhhness.  We’re still taking breaks for warm coffee, outdoor runs and the occasional bookstore.

This is Josh’s last week in the Air Force!  Friday he will leave the office a free man.  And so begins the summer of unemployment. 

Passing the nursing boards to become a RN was somewhat anticlimatic.  I won’t work as a nurse until we arrive in Peru in June.  And my first official (paid) job as a RN won’t be until the end of July when we come back to Colorado to settle in!  For now I remain a nurse-in-waiting. 


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