March 11, 2008

“What child, while summer is happening, bothers to think much that summer will end? What child, when snow is on the ground, stops to remember that not long ago the ground was snowless? It is by its content rather than its quantity–happy times and sad times, the time the rabbit bit your finger, the time you had your first taste of bananas and cream, the time you were crying yourself to sleep when somebody came and lay down beside you in the dark for comfort. Childhood’s time is Adam and Eve’s time before they left the garden for good and from that time on divided everything into before and after. It is the time before God told them that the day would come when they would surely die with the result that from that point on they made clocks and calendars for counting their time out like money and never again lived through a day of their lives without being haunted somewhere in the depths of them by the knowledge that each day brought them closer to the end of their lives.”
– Frederick Buechner

we are striving to live unhaunted.

one day it is a blizzard and the next i long for open windows.  we long to open the windows.  air out our lives and fall in love.  with him, and with you.  the sounds of the streets.  i find myself wanting to plant something.  nurture it into green and watch it grow.

we’re learning the art of carrying home on the road.  sometimes allowing it to follow close behind–other times tucking it into our pockets.  never far away.  travel has allow us to practice and relocating forces us to live it.  home is a feeling, a song, a hug.  home is a soft blanket, a good view, a familiar voice (that you memorize).  home is on the road. and on the arrival.

we find ourselves fiercely praying for courage and crossing our fingers that grace follows on its heels.  we are now living the stories that we hope become tales for our grandchildren’s grandchildren. and so on.

in the coming months. waking up in new places.  with miles to go ahead.


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  1. schmanda said

    i love the Buechner quote! thanks for sharing.

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