March 9, 2008

I’m completely aware of the fact that this site has recently consisted primarily of sporadic updates stating “I’m going to graduate soon” or “I’m almost done with school” or some variation on that theme.  More or less.  Faithfuls, I’m here today to enourage you that I have high and lofty hopes for your future in reading.   We have big dreams and aventurous months ahead.  I am armed with an excellent new camera.

 Come travel along with us. 

For now I’ll practice modifying my style a bit as to usher you into our lives, our adventures, our big stories and tiny moments.

Your first (trial) installation of The Ventursome Travels of Josh and Amber:


It is our last 2 (or less) months here in Ohio and newsflash this weekend: The Blizzard* 08!!  Friday the snow began.  Josh and I both found ourselves on base in the afternoon as everything began to shutdown and the mass-mania race-for-home commenced.  Ohioans are easily excited under such circumstances.  We reasoned that commuting back home under such snowy and icy conditions would best be executed with one car.  Josh’s Mercedes was to be left behind.  Cold, buried and alone. 

We promised to return and today we did.  After over 24 hours hibernating in our apartment, we both began experiencing nervous twitching and delirium.  Stir-craziness was setting in.  Sensing the desparation of our situation, I made the executive decision to venture out.  Dinner at the only restaurant open in the state, and on to rescue Josh’s car. 

 The base, having been closed for 2 days, was desolate.  Except, of course, for the Mercedes.  We found her deep inside an unplowed parking lot.  With over a foot of snow in some areas, this would not be a simple extraction.  Having no shovels or ice scrapers, we preceeded to employ our scientifically tested method of human snow plowing–fittingly termed Boot Plowing.  For 50 yards, the two of us cleared two small tire lanes, kicking, pushing, and various means of “foot scooping”. 


Josh–master of off-roading and proud driver of his ’85 biodiesel powered Mercedes–grabbed the wheel, took no prisoners and, well, I don’t have pictures of this valiant triumph because HE DOESN’T LOOK BACK.  Once a Benze running on veggie oil is in motion, it is best left alone.  

*save for the fact that there were winds upwards of 30 miles an hour, this label was superfluous. 


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