February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Josh.


And to you, Joy. I write to you: yes, this is me, too. So I say this… I’ll continue to wake up next to you on distant mornings and we’ll that be the answer to the questions we so desperately bring! And until then let’s ride this mysterious confusion for the adventure it is meant to be! (let complacency wander alone.) Let’s explore ruthlessly now that we have the Compass firmly between us! Let’s cling to the knowledge (promise) that God’s exploit is far more breathtaking than anything we can orchestrate.  If it doesn’t call for bravery I fear that we would leave disenchanted! You will climb and I will run and in the end let’s fall to the ground in a heap of our laughing exhaustion, breathless and full of euphoric conquest (and we’ll see if the ground catches us in the same spot!). Covered in scraped knees, muddy hands, grass stains and sweat–the markings of a true adventure! (adventure into what we now see is very, very unknown.) Another year with you.


This weekend we’re exploring and enjoying the company of family…south of Ohio.  Sleeping bags, cool morning runs, coffee, extra dark chocolate and laughter that trickles from mouth to toe. Long, tangled messy hair.  Grace, comfort, self-forgetfullness (learned).

I silently remind myself that to be fully present to whatever is immediately before me is an act of radical trust- trust that God can be encountered at no other time and in no other place than the present moment. And so often I ignore it because my mind ricochets between the past and the future. Self-forgetfulness. I will stand stubbornly here, rejecting the restlessness that urges me to move on, and shutting out the voices that lure me into tomorrow. Blow off the demonic whisper, “look busy-you are important.”



2 Responses to “”

  1. emma said

    so glad you got that camera…

  2. emma said

    oh and. i really enjoyed the writing too. just got distracted 🙂

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