February 11, 2008


I really like this picture of Josh.  I took it on our balcony porch two summers ago–our first summer married.  It reminds me of all the time we spent outdoors that year.  Camping, hiking, riding bikes.  I won’t deny that my nostalgia may stem from the stir-craziness we’ve been experiencing lately.  Finding the sunshine these days is challenging and we’re holding warm thoughts of the over 300 sunny days a year Colorado boasts.


I also like this picture.  Of the thousands of pictures I have taken on Selah, I think this one has a lot of personality.  The picture looks old and her hair is wild.

This week I started my community service hours I need for graduation.  I’m working in a small clinic downtown that offers free medical care from the medically uninsured.  From HIV, uncontrolled diabetes, ringworm to sexually transmitted diseases, in a matter of a few short hours I quickly realize the incredible need America has for a complete overhaul of the medical system.  I enjoyed the hands-on work and gratification of fixing problems and sending these people out with a solution.  The clinic also has the only free pharmacy in Ohio.  If we weren’t moving right after graduation, I would continue to volunteer.  This is the first time during my nursing education that I gave a second thought to pursuing Women’s Health as a career path.   Community health is tempting.

I’m continuing my preceptorship on an OB floor and enjoying it.  Slowly growing out of the disillusioned in thinking labor and delivery is a land free of heartbreak, pain and death.  I’m gaining that healthy respect for life and death necessary to good nursing.  Not easily.

 I have 6 weeks of school remaining.

“We are creatures of sense and spirit, and we must live an amphibious life.”-EU

today i enjoy: the space heater.  email from schmanda.  blood oranges.  josh as prince charles.  baking cookies to keep the house warm.  good music and warm drinks.  the details. 

fixing old clothes rather than buying new:  



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  1. jo said

    i love the sewing machine. so industrious of you. we should do sewing projects when you guys move out! i heard that shane claiborne was speaking at apex! not fair! only a few short months left of school. its so close, amber! i’m so excited for you. (and you will definitely spank the nclex, no doubt!)

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