December 19, 2007

Some of the media we’ve been enjoying this Christmas break:
-God Grew Tired of Us. This is both an autobiographical book by John Bul Dau and a documentary-style movie by Chrostopher Quinn about the Lost Boys of Sudan. I highly recommend the book which is much different that the film and will change your life and make you fall in love with John. The film is also excellent. Watch the trailer HERE

-Once. I was first introduced to the soundtrack which has been on consistent rotation in our small household for months now. The film is beautiful as well. And on DVD today.
You can find the trailer HERE. This makes my heart crave Ireland. More.

-Planet Earth. A documentary series from the BBC we will continue to make our way through in the next couple of weeks. Shocking, alluring, known to cause viewers to purchase plane tickets to far-off locations(as if we need encouragement in this area).

-What to Expect When You are Expecting. People, people…control yourselves. I am in NO WAY trying to reveal news. I am, however, feverishly trying to prepare for my much-anticipated LAST QUARTER OF SCHOOL during which I will need to impress my teacher and precepting nurse with my vast and scholarly knowledge of WOMEN’S HEALTH! Yes, it calls for that much caps lock. And excitement.

-Letters to a Young Poet. Delicate in delivery and saturated with moving words. A quick read to be re-read. Again.

-As previously mentioned. Pandora is a new favorite to be enjoyed while wrapping gifts, cooking dinner, wrestling with the cat, etc.

-Also, I’m becoming a big fan of Homemade is the new black.

That’s all for now. In the next couple of week we’ll spend our first Christmas down in Alabama and celebrate our first two years of marriage. With style.

And I’ll try to write more frequently.


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