June 11, 2007

We have arrived in the desert land of enormous blue sky. Played soccer with locals. Saw shoting stars and the Milky Way. Passed a giraffe, a warthog and walked with cattle. Made dinner without electicity. Became the minority. The land of church with the doors open. Of dry and bloody noses and forever-traumatized toilet habits (following stories of toilet-swimming zebra nakes!). Culture shock because the world is bigger than I knew and smaller than I can imagine.


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  1. Anonymous said

    Create new memories, remember new stories to share with friends. Travel is a way of learning more about yourself while learning more about other people. Savor al the moments and forget about “life back home” at least for now. Show your God given love to the people over there. Do whatever they do, eat what they eat, don’t go looking for comforts, you’ll enjoy your time better that way.Godspeed to you both.

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