further bound

June 8, 2007

stairwell accompaniment:CNN News
Corresponding from the curious land of the airport. Washington D.C. specifically and 20 days of journeying has begun. What surprises me is the process of letting go. One might assume it is embraced immediately, like suddendly realizing you are in that space you’ve been longing for. No, it is a process of slowly unwrapping your fingers. One by one. First you turn off your cell phone and remind your ears to stop listening for the familiar ring. Life is no longer about familiar. You sigh and let your shoulders down, close your eyes and put away thoughts of exams, deadlines, meetings and grades. One by one. Forget about looking busy and filling your minutes. For a few hours you may even ignore the bag you painstakingly packed with all of the articles and books you have not had time to read, until now. Put them off for just a little longer to take in the thought of what lies ahead. Take it quietly and roll it over slowly as to not miss the beautiful details. Life ahead will hopefully become more and more in the details. That conversation. This meal. That feeling. This view. Collect them for later, not forgetting to absorb them now. Airports have become spaces for transitions from the ordinary to the unknown. Right now we are somewhere in limbo. Between what we are and what we might become. Equally challenging in their need to be accepted. So I’ve begun the slow, steady process of letting go that preceeds adventure and growth. Luckily a 17 hour flight across the expanses is still ahead to transition into the world of details. I am a slow and greedy learner.


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