November 29, 2006

stairwell accompaniment:Augustana

I survived the southern Thanksgiving. Barely. But not at all due to roadkill delicatessens(not a fried possum to be found!) or the grossly underestimated amount of tractors and hunting camo encountered (yes, they wear it to church, amen). More or less due to the stomach ulcer I inadvertently invited along which could be loosely related to the fact that a 91% is a B in the land of nursing school. Ulcer. Let me just clarify: there is Alabama and then there is The Emergency Room In Alabama. Two equally foreign but completely varied experiences not all get to enjoy in a lifetime. I, however, am JUST THAT privileged.

Much Risk was played, many walks taken, naps enjoyed, tractors traveled on, warmth basked in, family was met…and made…

I am home now recovering (from finals, the camo and the ulcer) with Grey’s Anatomy reruns, clear fluids, good books and my very, very adorable, southern husband.


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