November 17, 2006

stairwell accompaniment:Damien Rice 9

Miracles love attention and will multiply according to their reception. Somehow, miracles appear in unfocused moments or in one pointed focus of intense concentration. I have asked for, and received so many miracles, and I trust that is true. Describing how it works is a bit difficult, except I know that it involves faith.
“There are two ways of living your life–one is as if everything is a miracle, the other is as though nothing is a miracle.”-Einstein
Receiving is an art to be practiced. Notice how you much you do or don’t receive. Try this:What was the most recent thing you received? A compliment? A car that let you in on the highway? A kiss? A gift from nature? Begin to be aware of all the things that you receive daily and practice grateful reception. Not keeping score. Receiving as graciously as you give.
I’m a pretty typical overfunctioner, a person who is more comfortable helping than being helped. Being helped involves allowing, which can be something very alarming. The task of becoming truly “imperfect” and able to receive.


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