October 29, 2006

stairwell accompaniment:Snow Patrol

i read this:
If Christians had given the traditional 10 percent tithe of their income to their churches in 2004, instead of giving the the 2.56 percent they actually gave, there would have been an additional $164 billion available, according to a report released in October called “The State of Church Giving through 2004.” If the churches chose to funnel just $70-80 billion of that additional income to missions and humanitarian works, the basic needs of every person on the globe would be provided.


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  1. Ian said

    Most churches would just build themselves bigger buildings, hire themselves more staff members, buy themselves more multimedia equipment and spend more on advertising and marketing themselves.

    A couple years ago I realized that my giving was to God, not to the church, and so I divided it up and only about 25% goes to the church; the rest goes to non-profits like Dayton Habitat for Humanity, Kiva.org, RAINN, Compassion International, Amnesty International and others. A lot of times I think those organizations, even the secular ones, are more focused on justice and mercy than 90% of churches.

  2. Anonymous said

    Just wanted to let you know that picture of Josh is quite stunning! The way the light hits almost makes him look mystical.

  3. ambrosia said

    I completely agree! It’s no secret that I’m a not-so-closet cynic but Josh and I loosely follow the same idea when we do our giving.
    I told him, “I don’t want the money we give to help those who truly need it go into building a bigger building or to pretty decorations!”
    We’re supporters of a few non-profits, our local church and people who God brings into our lives day-to-day with needs.
    My cynicism is waning. I think it’s more about greed and the lack of desire to give.

    anonymous-Again, I completely agree! Josh is mystical.:) He’s laughing. The lighting was just right in the livingroom at that moment and I made him not move while I grabbed my camera!

  4. AmyLea said

    Amber, I have to tell you… I just spent a good long time looking at all of the photos on your Flicker site and I just loved it… you are such a talented photographer and have such a good eye. I have a Canon as well and I don’t use the color enhancement button near as much as I should… Your photos are just amazing. I wish my husband would let me take HIS picture that much… he hates it so much and makes rediculous bad and MAD faces at me when I try to… *sad…

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