October 24, 2006

stairwell accompaniment:Fiona Apple

These days we have been working on separating cultural Christianity from growing in the likeness of Jesus. And searching for our roles as believers in politics. Defining ourselves less by political parties, hoping to show more of our convictions not just in issues of gay marriage and abortion but more through basic Christian issues of poverty, hunger, AIDS and war. Questioning the role of forgiveness and grace in a war-driven culture. Desiring to travel and see and daily learning contentment in cultivating passion for small pleasures. larger than i have earned. too numerous to be named. Refining what it is to be “co-heirs in the grace of life” with my husband and leaning, living, growing more deeply in love with him. daily. in the minutes. The artistry of marriage that sharpens us into Jesus’ living form.

And autumn is peaking.


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