September 8, 2006

stairwell accompaniment:Snow Patrol

It’s all about the feeling that if we go to the church with creativity, imagination, maybe even art, we’ll have to leave it at the door, left disrobed of an crucial part of our identity, left partly unclothed and looking for something to patch it. Church activities, rebellion, relationships, or addiction—when we forfeit a foundational part of ourselves as mortals made in the image of God, we always look for replacements, for wholeness, for covers that provide more than reticent relief.

i don’t have the answers.


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  1. Church Of Philadelphia WorldWide said

    Hi Apexer!
    My name is Lane Nickerson. I have always admired your work from a far! What a great believer you are!
    I thought you’d like some music I have:

    The Seekers 1
    The Seekers 2
    The Seekers 3
    The Seekers 4

    Peter, Paul, and Mary

    href=””>Peter, Paul, and Mary 1.

    Peter, Paul, and Mary 2.

    Peter, Paul, and Mary 3.

    Bye ! Bye!

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