August 31, 2006

stairwell accompaniment:Iron and Wine

today was an unexpected day of naps and reading and few other things. we spent the hours between 2 and 4 am in the emergency room (again) to have josh’s bum soccer-beaten leg looked at again. said bum leg wasn’t allowing for sleep to be had (by all); it scarcely permitted walking. we waited impatiently in our drowsy, slightly alcohol-less tipsy stupor, listened to conversations outside the door concerning the various ills that bring people to the emergency room at 3am, i read World News , we found a small plastic army man on the counter(we claimed him) and left roughtly two hours after arriving having obtained crutches, an awkward foot boot(bootie)and enough analgesics to (hopefully) allow the entire event to be erased from our sleeping minds during the small remainder of the morning. so, as a result, today we Sabbathed. and now i’m reading an incredible book i must get back to because the cat finally feels like snuggling, my husband is sufficiently drugged and…most of all…the windows are open and the air is much too cool to be considered summer…


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