March 1, 2006

stairwell accompaniment:Andrew Bird

today i:
learned a bit more about myself through the lense of pride and selfish motives.
fell on humility.
listened to NRP in the car.
missed my husband.**
didn’t drink enough water.
cut off and donated 10 inches of my hair to cancer patients.
reevaluated my self-concept.
sang along with patti griffin as i made dinner for leslie.
drank hot tea and ate thai food.(is drank a word? it looks ridiculous)
walked to my destination and abandoned vehicular transportation.
sipped baileys and coffee while mingling thoughts with leslie.
procrastinated on school work and set myself up for a LONG night.

good music. strong coffee. cold bedroom. nursing care plans long into the AM. cheers.

**and to my one smartass commenter (sadly, also my only commenter;)):No, these are not in order of importance. in actuality, i began missing my husband last night, the FIRST night i had to sleep shivering and alone and in the fetal position to conserve body heat in our refrigerator bedroom. but it is now that i am simply reminded how much i miss him because i’ve found myself in the bedroom alone once again in ohio where it’s 29 degrees outside and 30 degrees in our bedroom. he’s in florida.


One Response to “independent”

  1. Aaron said

    I suppose I can leave you a comment. I read your blog consistently, just without offering a response. thought… hop on a greyhound to florida, or just use your own set of wheels.

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