mental health

February 3, 2006

stairwell accompaniment:James Taylor

Happy Birthday Hambone! One Year Old.

One thing i love: restauranting alone. And Bob (h)E(a)vans became a solo oasis in a day of back to back clients(no pun intended). I ate and read a compelling National Geographic article on love. Researchers say that love is so closely related to mental illness in its effect on the body that doctors suggest that Prozac (and similar drugs that effect the seretonin levels in the brain) jeopardize one’s ability to fall in love–and stay in love. Oxytocin- the chemical that children with autism consistently have a deficiency in (and prohibits them from forging and maintaining relationships)is found to be essential in sustaining a long term relationships. Love and obsessive-compulsive disorder have a similar chemical profile. INTRIGUING.


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  1. AmyLea said

    Ah, I see that someone has the same camera I have… LOVE IT. 🙂

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