school boys

January 28, 2006

stairwell accompaniment:the supremes

i have frequented the emporium enough to gain “regular” status for nearly six years now. recent lackage of internet resources which prohibit one from internet usage in areas of personal comfort, say, in one’s bed or perhaps even *gasp* bathroom, have upped my emporium renowned face status to “who the heck is this girl and why won’t she leave?!?”. moments ago i embarassed the young gentleman employed by said coffee shop. under the obligation-to-purchase act of internet usage, i took my two dollars to the counter and acted as if i wasn’t quite sure what i wanted. eye contact was made and he proceeded to voice my unsaid order and rang up the bill. “soy steamer with irish cream.” there was no question mark. i stared at him. he blushed. we then silently celebrated the new stage in our relationship. the end.


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