January 25, 2006

stairwell accompaniment: The Reindeer Section

i’m learning the delicate balance of finding myself within a relationship in which i am to be called one with my husband. enjoying it immensely. enjoying it does not mean that it comes easy, but that my joy is in walking through the difficulties with Him and him. the extreme childishness within adulthood that brings us such laughter!

my best friend moved to africa four days after i got married and i miss her incredibly. no boy can replace a girl.

i’m sitting in the coffee shop and it’s snowing outside to remind me that it is incredibly january for at least a few more days. it’s the crazy dancing snow that acts as if it enjoys the flying part of falling so much that it puts off landing until the very end.

i think i will start a new journal to commemorate the new phase in my life. i journal pretty religiously yet i have never completely filled every last white page in any of my journals. new stages come quickly. one must be flexible.

i enjoy christine so much and thought about her as i was driving yesterday. but i hate talking on the phone. i hate it. practicing telekinesis.

today i love:
josh. coconut coffee. no dirty dishes. 3 shots in one arm. snow. sweaters. christine. email. nan. sleeping one hour longer than josh every day. hiding. throwing waffles when i am scared. music. music. maps. planning trips. pears. heated seats. grace. reconciliation. growth.


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