December 25, 2005

stairwell accompaniment:Bing Crosby-White Christmas

things we look forward to:
14 days off work.
no longer living in 2 apartments.
overwhelming amount of friends and family. same place. same time.
swing dancing.
killer brownies.
complete vulnerability.
warmer beds.
living steps from the Emporium.
living with best friend.
living within sight of the climbing gym.
laughing so hard Josh urinates.on.him.self.

things we do not look forward to:
moving, again.
Grad school+nursing school+homework x2.
only 14 days off work.
2.5 months until spring break.
manufacturing zillions of thank-you cards.
cold apartments for the sake of traveling money.
trivial arguments.
living steps from the Emporium.
living within sight of loudbarSloopys.
living 10,000miles from schmandapantzies.

reasons Amber likes Josh today:
he refuses to be a consumer.
he studies on holidays.
he thinks eating eggs and ketchup is ridiculous.
cereal.6 bowls.a day.
he wears bedhead.publicly.
he grocery shops to lessen my domestic aggression.
he is persistent.
he is patient and flexible.
he refuses to fix the shower that runs scolding hot water all over your body when the toilet runs (every 2 minutes)as you scream from the depths of the scortching hell that is the shower of our new apartment simply because he doens’t have to shower here yet.



2 Responses to “6”

  1. Anonymous said

    Love you guys, you’ll do great!

  2. Anonymous said

    12,753 MILES….ah, but who’s counting, ambermonkeysmoochiepoopants?

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