December 15, 2005

I’m convinced that adulthood demands (should demand?) more imagination and dreaming than childhood simply because the possibilities are just as endless and, at this point in life, always possible. Last night over indian food we envisaged ourselves going far and wide and I think the inventing takes on a new type of adventure because we have the ability pull the ordinary life into the extraordinary. Do not give way to fear.

the latest of niece and sister with new camera:

things i love today:
free internet
bagels and butter
space heaters
christmas coming
generous friends
red bows all over the neighborhood
old journals
discovering the past
not showering


2 Responses to “16”

  1. Anonymous said

    Why is Josh behind snow and illegal internet?

  2. Schmanda said

    as long as kilimanjaro is part of that far and wide…dream on. and i’ll see you soon. and i will be very jealous. =)

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