Clay Street

November 29, 2005

stairwell accompaniment:Kanye West-Gold Digger
The Mr. and Mrs. relocation has commenced. (The Josh and Amber show has gone on the road!). My home is now defined by a cozy little apartment that will become our winter safe-haven from the 6-ish months of cold that are pressing upon us. A six month lease until we may seek ownership investment in the form of a morgage and a prayer. Much to my emotional dismay, this woodenfloored rental isn’t welcoming to my beloved Levi. My companion. My baby. My laughter. My after-a-long-day-remedy. So I’ve been faced with the gut-wrenching job of searching far and wide for a 6 month owner for my puppy until I can reclaim her.
Now Levi is a city dog. Born and raised. Levi’s want ad:
Adorable, loyal and sub-intelligent lab/shepherd mix seeks owner/companion who can provide close spaces, small apartments and frequent petting. Enjoys being in eyesight at all times, being talked to in sweet baby voices with many, many nicknames with varied gender referenced and being treated like a pansy. Much dog food required.

I’ve been presented with two possible options: An all-male, city house with one other dog (also male) and apparently dog food in abundance. A good options. Or the traditional “Farm” option (which, contrary to popular opinion, has nothing to do with euthanasia) with open spaces and barns and one other canine companion. Go back and read that last sentence. Focus in on the words open spaces. Open spaces. My Levi is not so accustomed to fresh air and corn fields. Oh, she’s seen pictures, maybe watched a movie or two depicting such scenes, but never has she been enveloped by the Ohio beauty of it all. I’ve known Levi for two years now and everything in me tells me that under such overwhelming conditions she would be inclined to run. Just take off running in any direction she feels so inclined at. full. speed. Said farm house owners have a history of not one, but two! pet funerals as a direct result of road-running canines. Levi’s track recored (NO pun intended) for superb intelligence surpassing that of far more experienced country dogs didn’t look too promising.
This very day she’s enjoying the confines of her new (Yet temporary! Levi, if you’re reading this, Baby, I’m coming back for you!!) male-dominated home.


One Response to “Clay Street”

  1. Schmanda said

    Smoochiebaby came home for a visit last night. she and aspen romped. then she promptly passed out in my lap. i must say, she was equally as happy when josh grabbed the leash to take her back to the kindgom of the male. city dog with shared custody??

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