a beautiful decision that moment

October 28, 2005

stairwell accompaniment:Patti Griffin

Though we’ll be reciting words soon, we’ll be acting out something bigger, acting out this Homesickness for all of us. We act out what we cannot speak. Soon, we will be baptized into each other – drenched with the grace of commitment and whispers and the moan of a beauty that points us both to our better home. Soon, we will grace them with ceremony, and the ceremony is not sacrament, but the marriage is sacramental, flesh and blood, drowning and rising. We will act out what you cannot speak.
We are dying for love, and maybe we think we have been running out of time. And I think we’re right, and time ushers in timelessness, and who knows what beauty awaits us? God loves us, He cares for us, and what He does not speak, he acts out by ungrounding us.
And people have and will tell us that our ideas are ideals, that the rest of the marriage definitely isn’t honeymoon, that marriage becomes mundane and you learn to live with it. These people have turned their radios off, stopped listening for the wind. They’re trying to hold on to time. This is the time – eat it, drink it. The mundane is sacrament, and we are loved! Do not take that grace for granted. Do not forget these things. Rejoice! And we do!


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