for christine’s verification

October 24, 2005

stairwell accompaniment:DMB-#41


7 Responses to “for christine’s verification”

  1. Aaron said

    A-Amber!!! I just wanted to say I love reading your blog (your writing) It is a great pick me up somedays while I’m sipping on a good cup of coffee… Risk anyone??!!

  2. AmyLea said

    Wow, Amber I am just in awe. How COOL! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Aaron said

    Well now that I have the inside scoop, I must repost a comment more fitting. Congradulations A Amber! SOOOO happy for you.

  4. Scott said

    Luckiest guy of all time. Dang, girl, I didn’t even get a chance. I don’t know what you see in that hoser, but congrats anyway.

  5. Ralph & Stacie said

    We are THRILLED for you, girl! And we need the whole thing…all the details…the entire scoop! So it’s time for you and your FIANCE to stop by the Hobbit Door Cafe for some coffee and conversation ASAP! We’re waiting by the door right now…

  6. ambrosia said

    Lovely with a captial L;)

  7. Anonymous said

    Welcome to the club you two, I hope your journey will be a reconing of spirit and mind, of God and Love, of you and him. Don’t forget to enjoy your engagement too in the midst of planning!

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