October 19, 2005

stairwell accompaniment:REM-nightswimming

tonight the moons hangs low and large and refuses to be captured by cameras as anything more than a luminescence outweighed by the street lights. (yet it remains immense beyond words and pictures)
today i am overcome by how i receive out of someone else’s poverty (oh, and the grace that abounds there!) and how i am on the verge of seasons peak and how running in the dirt is so real and brings perspective to this life i call simple.
and today i have put on my skin to wear it.
today i found joy in these things i cannot be full enough of.

i want to leave my clothes by the waters edge.
i want to sit out on the fire escape.
i want to hide behind the trees.
i want to feel small.

ways my dog wins my affection:
-moaning ever so loudly as she lays down.
-seeking physical affection so much that she’s satisfied with an index finger on her temple.
-trying to eat my palms while I am typing on the computer.
-attempting to eat the dog house in the back yard.
-eating one of every sock to every pair I own.
-answering to a plethora of names including: Levi, Smoochiepants, Cuteness, Smoochness, Wookiewookie, Cutiebaby, Smoochiesmoochness, and any other variations of the word “Smooch”.
-reading my mood swings.
-obeying Josh to appease his need for superiority.
-winning Josh over.
-convincing herself that the cat is hers.
-possessing no control over her tail. or any other part of her back half.
-soaking up every gust of wind as her lips flap out the window of my backseat.
-sleeping with her head shoved up against my leg.
-convincing herself some mornings that we are getting ready to go to our job. being sorely disappointed when she finds herself left home.
-performing cartoon-esque running scenes on the floor as she’s dreaming and giving pitiful puppy barks.
-being a pansy.
-falling down the stairs. EVERY. MORNING.


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  1. lyn said

    blog hopper frm singapore here. I find ur blog beautiful…oh n ur dog, too.*laughs*

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