October 12, 2005

stairwell accompaniment:NPR

i find it strange that…

i often feel more connected to words that belong to others instead of the words that i own.

i desire [expect] things from people that i often dont do myself.

the past shows up in so many insuppressible ways. there are songs i dont ever forget. people dont ever really disappear. there are parts of me that i think ive left behind, but, really, theyve just taken shape and been formed into new pieces. i hope that they are a better fit.

fear is underneath so many things, if you look carefully.

it is so simple to make promises.

change always seems just around the corner.

i will not mind being picked up and spun around until i am rather dizzy
(well, maybe i will mind a little bit, but i will know that it will turn out to be alright)
and i will be leaving the room with something on my mind that is written in sloppy letters
(the kind i pretend to forget about and replace with some makeshift aesthetic)
i will remember a lot and forget twice as much
(if not more)
and things wont be what ive planned
and things will be beautiful


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