September 13, 2005

my 50 to do this year:

1. start again
2. re-evaluate the mystical
3. dignify the nameless
4. drive northwest
5. unlearn identity
6. de-crutch universalism
7. make a way for moses
8. kick one rock the entire walk from the coffeeshop to my house
9. practice holding hands
10.sign up for the third time
11.clap for trains
12.go home
14.photograph the tacit
15.welcome someone back to the states
16.collect and disperse inaudible sighs
17.kiss the sun to the wounded
20.avoid millstones
21.agitate what was and make what is there
23.fall in love with the red letters
25.give up my seat
26.accept gratitude
27.admit my debt
28.peek out from behind metaphor my eyes
30.ask without self-interest
31.pursue the trivial
32.pray for promiscuous absolution
33.control the urge to charge
34.stay up real late
35.become far less easily pleased
36.make black cherry kool-aid
37.tell you my secret
38.dine with Pharisees a roadside peach
40.take care
41.pursue him hard harder
44.light a sparkler
46.learn to ride a bike with no hands
47.share my dinners through the night
49.make snow angels relentlessly optimistic


One Response to “”

  1. Abs said

    thats a lot of stuff… lots of patience to write down the stuff… hope u will be able to achieve them…

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