August 31, 2005

stairwell accompaniment:Damien Rice-O

this weekend we drove through the midwest. we ate white figs and slept on the floor in sleeping bags. we rode the train into Chicago and reminded why friends are paramount. we wandered the city streets and peered from the 96th floor. we soaked up the sun and we ate coconut curry.

this weekend we read books and we came before our Holy Daddy with honesty and reality. we drove to the beach and felt the sand between our toes. we walked out to the lighthouse and we dodged the waves. we found reconciliation and intimacy.

this weekend we had meaningful conversations with friends of the past. we asked the difficult questions and we strived to learn. we ate hometown ice cream and we laughed from our bellies.

this weekend we held close and recognized each other from afar. we visited old memories and we walked on the rivers edge. we became the children we desire to be and we looked forward to the days ahead. we laughed with family and we found joy in growth.


2 Responses to “we”

  1. Anonymous said

    It’s nice to get away with those we love, to visit those we love and to learn along the way. I love road trips like that, wish there was time for more of that.

  2. AmyLea said

    I”m so glad that you guys had such good fun. I miss road trips with the one I love….

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