go now you are forgiven…

March 13, 2005

stairwell accompaniment: Dispatch-The General

Things that brought me joy today:
*”that’d be rad”
*sleeping beauty
*Indian food
*to market to market…for Belgian waffles!!
*Baileys n’ coffee sweet, sweet late night goodness (getting ID’d:))
*10 hours of giving massages
*…followed by the most horribly achy hands known by massage therapists:(
*honeymoon plans with my roommate:)
*Singing “saturday, saturday, saturday, saturday…” to Darren
*God’s provision in the form of a voicemail
*It’s 1am on Sunday and I’m wondering “when does the weekend begin?!?”
*sleep…that begins…now…


2 Responses to “go now you are forgiven…”

  1. Kristi said

    Many smiles =o)
    It was great catching up…

  2. Broc said

    only thing that i am not seeing here is a no shower saturday, ice the cake next time

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