the disciple

January 21, 2005

stairwell accompaniment: Eisley

On the phone, making eggs today I admitted to Josh that when I think of the life I would love to live and when I imagine the ways I could spend my time and settle on the ones that would make me most grateful…today was a day full of grateful humility and unhindered joy.

I know that I can take my human feelings, multiply them exponentially into infinity and I will still only have a hint of the love of God revealed by and in Jesus Christ. God is loving me this moment just as I and and not as I should be. There is nothing I can do to increase His love for me and nothing I can do to diminish it. Who am I to deserve a day full of such passion?

And I’m understanding that I can have it daily. (although I don’t often choose it) To be aware and alert of the presence of God manifested in a piece of music, a kiss, an encouraging word from a friend, a thunderstorm, a sunrise or sunset, a rainbow, today: in the subtle thud thud of the fetal monitor and the excitement on the faces of expectant parents. It requires an inner freedom from self created through prayer. Gratefulness is born of a prayerfulness that helps us notice the marvels of God. Marvels that made my day.


One Response to “the disciple”

  1. AmyLea said

    I just love that even if we add up all the love we experience on earth, it would never amount up to what God has for us….and that makes me feel so unworthy of Him….

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