September 16, 2004

stairwell accompaniment: Aimee Mann-Save Me

Here are the pictures I promised from the night Chad and I drove 2 hours to see the outdoor drama Tecumseh…

I must include that on the drive home late that night we went through the Steak and Shake drive-thru to purchase some rootbeer floats and Chad unashamedly said “Amesome, Dude” to the young man working the window.

Today was a warm and sunny late-summer day. Perfect for hiking. So I ventured out to Cedarville where Chad and I hiked (aka trail walked) up to the famous Indian Mound there. It’s always more refreshing that I expect to be outdoors. A dinner of oraganic HaHa’s Pizza followed and after traveling way, way back into the embarasing depths of Chad’s photo albums, the late-summer day was closed with a late-summer star filled sky. We were on out back in the driveway musing about days past. I definitely saw a shooting star.

Things I love right now:

*A fat dog named Lucy

*Belly laugh/coughs

*high school football

*rocky streams

*Vanilla ice cream cones


One Response to “Adena”

  1. AmyLea said

    Oh that’s so much fun, Amber. There’s no way you can travel out to the Yellow Springs area and NOT go to either HaHa’s or Young’s or something like that… Good move!

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