August 20, 2004

hear it in the stairwell:Badly Drawn Boy

feel-good throw back song

A lazy day of little work and much dreaming. Hand-written letter to displaced friends and distant thoughts of colorful, crunching leaves falling all around. A cup of hot tea to hurry to process. Amelie to enliven the senses and a game of fetch with my needy companion. Neon tennis balls in the half-brown grass. Walk to the park and spread your sheet wide enough to stare at the clouds through the tree branches from your grassy knoll. Will the forecast ever prove true and pour a hot summer rain sprinkled with pink summer lightening? Raindrops so big it only takes moments to feel drenched and two very respectable adults who live on Creighton Ave. can’t help but digress as puddle-jumping, umbrella-abandoning, deep-down five year olds. The hazy days of dwindling summer.


One Response to “august”

  1. Kristi said

    “..and I thought what I felt was simple…” Gotta love that classic song, so Amber, kick back =o)

    Oh, and please, please, please RAIN on Saturday afternoon! I’ve got a tentative date with a kindred deep-down five year old…

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