June 16, 2004

hear it in the stairwell: Over the Rhine- Films for Radio

Wednesdays are my Saturdays. No job to rush off to, no obligations because every normal human is at an 8-5 job. I rolled over in bed sometime around 9:30am and remembered that the one thing I did commit to today was to jog over to Mattlevi’s house around 10am to do a tandem phone call to his mom in Ireland to straighten out some details of our upcoming trip. Little preparation is needed on a rainy Wednesday morning to go running so I quickly brush my teeth and throw on some running gear. And I get a call from Mattlevi. “Um, I know I said we could call my mom this morning but I’m in the Meijers parking lot and my car won’t start so I’ll have to call you later.” I instinctively laugh. Maybe it wasn’t the most compassionate thing to do. “Mattlevi, do you need me to come and get you?” “Well, I called my roommate Brad but he must still be sleeping, and I just got this old couple to try to jump it–unsuccessfully.” I forsake all compassion and laugh again. “Matt, do you need a ride?” Why can’t guys just say when they need some help? So I drive to Meijer to find a helpless Mattlevi sitting in his dead Passat (I’m sure jamming to Guster). Before retreating he says he wants to try to jump it again. I agree and put on some shoes to help. But in order to get the engine of my jeep anywhere near his we have to push his car to a different spot. Ha, by this time it’s absolutely pouring. Did I mention that Mattlevi has a bum foot? Yeah, he broke a toe or something and is wearing an aircast and a now soaking wet sock. The two of us manage to steer and push his car into a nearby spot, connect the cables in the monsoon and successfully jump his car. Matt goes to disconnect the jumper cables and realizes that they don’t have rubber on both sides of the clips so he gets a double shot of jeep engine shock. Excellent.


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  1. Kristi said

    Oh goodness, my dear. You need to get a dital camera ;o)

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