thank God you’re ok

June 14, 2004

hear it in the stairwell:Andy Davis

God is so faithful.

This morning/afternooon I did volunteer massage at a Leukemia Lymphoma fund raiser event. As explained in my previous post, I’ve already had an exhausting massage weekend and I didn’t feel like I was going into this event with much to give my clients. Massage is not only a physically challenging job but often emotionally, spiritually and mentally. It is very draining and I felt empty. But I went anyway. My fifth mini-massage of the day was a older woman from England. One of those beautifully classy European women with an amazing accent you just want to listen to and not interrupt. During her session she explained to me that she is from England and has lived in many other countries throughout Europe but now lives in France. I told her a little about my upcoming Ireland trip and the few other countries I would be able to see while I was there. She asked and I explained that I was traveling on a missions trip to minister to Mattlevi’s family and help run a Christian kids program while there. She, too, is a believer and applauded my desire to bring Jesus to the largely Catholic country. At the end of her massage she got quiet. She looked at me and said “Amber I need to pray for you.” She put her hands on my shoulders and begin to ask God’s blessing on my trip and petition for His guidance in my life. And more than any of the beautifully accented and truly Godly words she used, her loving touch was such as comfort to me. To give and give all weekend…I know God put her hands in my path to encourage and renew my needy spirit.

And although I was uplifted spiritually, I still felt incredibly grumpy and tired. I retured home and I think I spoke two words mumbly to Kristi as I struggled to put some new songs on my MP3 player. Much to my grumpy dismay, I was unsuccessful–my player died. I threw it at my computer and felt like cursing. I grabbed Kristi’s 90’s tank discman that’s impossible to run with. Unless you have the form of a gazelle while running, it skips every block or so–-and a gazelle-like runner I am not. I wanted to outrun the guilt I felt for not taking Eric up on his 5K Cincy run on Saturday and I thought that I could encourage Mattlevi by sharing my European prayer giver story with him so I braved the 90 degree weather and the uphill run to his house. Red faced and sweaty, I ran his doorbell. No answer. I continued my uphill climb to my favorite neighborhood park with the Dayton overlook. I remember taking Bryan there when it was in the single digits and the view was clear but now that it’s summer the cityscape is blocked by the trees and the park was deserted. I sat on a nearby swing to catch my breath and cool off. I sat the tank in my lap and began to swing. When I went as high as the swing would take me I could see the city view on my upswings. The breeze was so refreshing. I closed my eyes and let Andy Davis sing in my ears-the sun warm on my face through the storybook tree branches shadowing the swingset. I couldn’t help but smile and sing along Did you see how close my feet were to the edge when you came to me… As loud as my lungs would allow I sang, smiled and kept swinging-eyes closed, sun on my face. The song ended and I opened my eyes. And there he was. He had a guitar stung across his back, wearing cut off camouflage pants and a t-shirt that said “live already”. He stood directly in front of my swing, hands in his pockets, hair messy, intensly watching. As when we made eye contact he took his hands from his pockets and give a few slow claps, “you’re pretty good.” (I’m not). Embarrassment rushed to my face and my swing began to slow down. I must have given a pretty blank stare because his next words were “Are you ok?” And I’m not sure why but I knew he didn’t mean “Do you need a drink?” or “Have you been running hard?” But rather “Are YOU ok?” I did the “so-so” nod. He motioned me over to the wooden lookout landing and sat down as he swung his guitar around in his lap. He began to play. I don’t know what song it was. I couldn’t even tell you the words he sang. I leaned against one of the deck poles and listened. I’m not sure how long it was that we sat there, him playing and me listening– lost somewhere between his rough and soulful voice and the slightly out of tune sound of his very captivating guitar strumming. Music passed the time and eventually I picked up a rock, scribbled “God Bless” on the wood and began my run back home. No words exchanged and as I ran down the steps he continued his song as if he didn’t notice my retreat.

Life isn’t coincidental.


One Response to “thank God you’re ok”

  1. Kristi said

    Okay…so where is MY ‘moment straight from TV’?
    Seriously….wow. And yes, I would have been embarrassed too. How old was this guy?

    Aahhhh….Andy Davis…..*smile*

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