June 14, 2004

hear it in the stairwell: Andy Davis- Thinks of Her

So Jon and I spent nearly 6 hours Friday night putting the finishing touches on the new massage haven attic room. Just in time for the Ladies Spa night Kristi and I hosted last night. Nearly 20 women came over to be primped, painted, soaked, waxed, lotioned, massaged and prayed over.

It was a relaxing evening of renewal and female pj fun. I managed to escape all embarassing waxing/face mask pictures by safely stowing myself away in the attic offering 10 minute massages to 16 women! Kristi unashamedly sports her facial in process as she makes her way up up up to the attic to offer me a cold drink and some refreshments before they are devoured…

I finished up my past massage around 10:30pm and the last guest left after 11pm. Check Kristi’s blog, I’m sure she’ll add some details.

So how, you ask, does an amazing massage therapist like myself relax after nearly three straight hours of giving massages and missing out on the other pampering opportunities?

Definitely icing my hands and spooning my dog on the livingroom floor while I bask on the musical and visual goodness of my brand new Guster Live DVD until 2am…

Who needs nail polish and foot lotion when you’re got Ryan’s mullet and nose to enjoy? Speaking of…I have less than a week until my third row, outside venue Guster concert! Until then I’ll longingly gaze at video of him brusing his adorable teeth…


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