June 7, 2004

hear it in the stairwell:The Beatles- Antology 2

So it’s Friday evening and I’m on the highway in rush hour traffic. I’m definitely running late and know that tailgating the car ahead of me like I am won’t give me the extra few minutes I need to go home and grab food but I do it anyways. I just finished my fourth massage of the day (clarification: I am a massage therapist and therefore NOT on the receiving end of these massages) and my hands still tingle from my last hot stone session. I’m late to pick up Michelle so in place of fastfood that I wouldn’t have time to pick up anyways, I rummage through my purse- I usually keep a random piece of fruit in reserve. Stale gum, chapstick, receipts, AH! yes, a melted Kashi bar. I rip it open with one hand and steer with the other. I manage to find a way to aviod chocolate-to-clothing contact and hope that its wholesome oats will give me the energy to spend 2 hours with 10 teenag girls at Gospel Mission. Yes, a fun-filled evening of fingernail painting, cheerleading and braiding hair. I hope that if there’s one thing I instill in these girls it’s that one day when they are in their 20’s they can hopefully spend their Friday evenings getting their fingernails painted glittery lime green by a 12 year old. Things to look forward to.

And so began my weekend.

16 hours of work, a deceased patient, two movies(Super Size Me is a MUST SEE- hilarious), a remodeled attic, church, a bridal shower, serving lunch at Gospel Mission, a birthday party, two hours babysitting and countless cups of coffee later…it’s Monday.

The attic before…coming soon…the attic after.

I took Amanda to the church this morning to see her off to Africa. Mark and Christine are on the trip as well. Rob lead an emotional mini-devotional before they loaded up and it was overwhelming to see all of the family members crying and hugging their dads, moms, sisters, brothers, aunts, husbands, wives…and roommates as we took one last look at them before they spend a week ministering to and loving AIDS orphans. I know they will all come back changed. Think of them this week and pray for their strength and safety.


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