June 4, 2004

hear it in the stairwell: Kristi’s Love Mix

So it’s nearly 11p.m. and I can’t supress this insane craving for a McDonalds vanilla ice cream cone that I’ll been fighting for two days any longer. Kristi and I just finished a table full of individually handmade invitations to our upcoming Ladies Spa Night and Amanda just walked in the door from worship team practice. I enlist my reluctant roommates to accompany me in a late night ice cream run and we all run out to my jeep…Krist without shoes. After a debate over which McDonalds is closer I decide to head to the ghetto downtown one so we can make a pass by the Neon to see what time Super Size Me is playing so we can see it later this weekend. After making note of movie times, taking crappy digital pictures of the most amazing full moon I’ve seen this season, and having a discussion about how one’s goal in life should be to NOT die in Ohio, we make it to the McDrivethrough. And sit. And sit. And sit. No answer at the McSpeaker. I drive to window one. And sit. And sit. And sit. I’m scared to knock on the ghetto McWindow so I pull slightly forward so that the Shamrock-milkshake-determined Kristi can demand some attention. She knocks. And knocks. And knocks. Finally ghetto McWorker responds “we’re closed”. What? It’s 10:59! We have a good minute…actually, we would have had a good 10 minutes had you gave us some McService when we first arrived. “The machine automatically shuts down at 11p.m.” What? It shut down a minute early? Oh, and it cleans itself, too? Fancy. Does it wear a stepometer? We frustratedly abandon the McGhetto paradise and, not willing to give up thay easy, I force my roommates to give it a second try. McDrivethrough number two. What? It’s so busy we had to wait in line? Yeah, guess their machine didn’t get the shut-down-at-10:59 memo. So we order out icecream goodness and the McServer asks me “do you want nuts on that Sunday?” so I turn to my cocaptain, Amanda and ask “Nuts?” “No, I’m not nuts, I just want my stupid sundae!” I love my roommates.

Just for that…Amanda choking on her grilled chicken taco crap.

Amanda leaves for Africa on Monday…pray for her safety in traveling and God-guidance while she’s there! (And that someone on the trip knows the heimlick maneuver).


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