lightening back

May 18, 2004

hear it in the stairwell:Snow Patrol- Run

weekend…full of Friday art films and prunes with old friends. Waking Life.

Saturday conservatories, Pirate artists, Greek (OPA!)food, teenage rock concerts, and the creation of fluffer banana splits. Sparklers.

I was driving to work last night after a particularly enlightening small group and as I drifted down the highway to may blaring thoughts and Snow Patrol CD. I rock out when I’m in a good mood and in the car alone. My music ridiculously loud and I am head banging. Definite horrible singing. And the black sky lit up. It lit up in a huge, instant flash of summer lightening. My mom always called “heat lightening” when we were growing up. Rain wasn’t coming but the sky blazed every ten seconds or so in a magnificent silver orange spark. It made me think of incredibly warm and humid summer afternoons when it would rain and the streets would flood. And we would run outside immediately after the rain stopped and there was an errie orange glow to everything. Splashing through the accumulated puddles at the curbside we would end up sitting and jumping in the largest ones, soaked in warm rainwater. My mom would open the screen door and yell “you’re going to get hit by lightening, stay away from the drains!” in her characteristic hypochondriac fashion but the dark clouds were long gone and if we would lay in the driveway for a few minutes the sun would soak the water off of our sun baked skin. I never wore shoes.


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