May 10, 2004

hear it in the stairwell:Eisley

I woke in my humid bed this evening to a beautiful sunset out my half-opened window. I quickly descended into the refreshingly cool basement to switched my laundry from washer to dryer, grabbed the dog leash from ontop the frigde and attached my dog. Now that the winter days are past, Levi’s once again accustomed to seeing me reach for the leash as she gets overly excited in her cute puppy way. After I manage to slow her enough to snap the leash to her collar, we make our way out the door and she bounds down the front steps. She runs much faster than I can or even want to so I’m forced to grab the stair rail and brace myself for the second she reaches the sidewalk and, consequently, the end of her leash in one brutal jerk. She always continues unphased.

And we briskly explore our neighborhood once again, everyday with new wonder. Every-exciting cracks in the sidewalk, fenced dogs, dirt-covered kids on bikes, sidewalk chalk murals and hopscotch tracing. Childhood at every step.


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