maybe not

May 3, 2004

hear it in the stairwell: Guster- Keep it Together

This was the first weekend in such a long time that I was able to relax with friends, spend time outside AND catch up on sleep. Friday night Indian food with the girls then to see “The Secret Window”. I barely stayed awake for the movie, not only because I was on hour 30 since sleep but because Stephen King stuck Johnny Depp with an incredible mediocre roll. But after a full 8 hours of sleep Friday night (what? 8 hours??) I got to see my two favorite babies Saturday morning and take pictures of them. Kierstyn is beyond cute and Kaitlyn is her crazy self.

Kierstyn @ 1 month

the ever-adorable Kaitlyn

All day they were predicting dangerous thunderstorms but Saturday afternoon Chad and I defied nature and headed out for a hike at Clifton Gorge. It must have been weatherman propaganda because it was 75 and sunny. Although I wouldn’t recommend navigating the gorge in sandals like I had to, we did some pretty crafty climbing. Nothing is as refreshing as being outside in the fresh, warm air, swarming bugs, poison ivy, natural springs, and Chad O..

When I posed Chad with my customary “where’s God taking you?” question, he blew me away with his response. He felt God was giving him a heart for the American Indians! Wow, what an overlooked population. I took a mission trip to South Dakota one summer in highschool and served on an indian reservation and it really was an eye opening experience to see the poverty, alcoholism, and gambling problems that are overwhelming these incredibly neglected reservations. Chad and I talked about how ministering to these people definitely has to be a life-long relational things because of the trust that you have to build before gaining any respect or credibility. How encouraging to hear Chad is listening to God’s call and allowing it to stir his heart.

On my way back to Dayton I made a pass through Yellow Springs:)

And finally, Saturday evening Allan and I scoured Dayton for a great place to take black and white pictures on a wood floor. I remembered that I still had an extra set of keys to my apartment at the hotel california but access was denied by a new tenant. We ended up at my sisters house in Fundalia and set up studio in her wood floored livingroom. Took some pretty cool pictures of Allan both for my photography class and for his portfolio.

Another glorious 9 hours of sleep on Saturday night, APEX Sunday morning and off to Gospel Mission to serve lunch. Wait…back up…after church Mattlevi and I had the privilege of introducing my Mexican friend, Michelle to the wonderful world of Chipotle:) Massive mexican goodness in a foil wrapper.

(this one’s for you, Mr. Hairy)

Michelle verified its authenticity and we all left a couple pounds heavier.

A weekend of success. At least Matt and Carter say so…


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