April 13, 2004

hear it in the stairwell: The Bens

Allan and I went to see Damien Rice Saturday night and it was definitely in my top three concerts of all time. He pounded out some amazing improv on his horribly beat up guitar, serenaded in French, looped like crazy and sang an entire song on his knees in a room only lit by candlelight. Amazing. If you didn’t make it, at least check out his live CD.

Ode the The Ice Cream Man…

and his boxy vehicle of frozen goodness.

children flocking to his side window, pockets full of change,

50 cent ice cream sandwich, 75 cent drumstick.

he rounds the block and it is in the distance,

the tingling bells of sugar inspired music.

Happy and feel-good-Summer warm.


in my breezy open window…


go away dreadful ice cream man

the sounds of hell come from a cold,

refridgerated place.

if your death cab of teeth rotting

treats on wheels blaring clown music

rounds my block even one more time…


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